JF PR9 Canberra issues in FSX

  • Hi.
    25/9/2020 I purchased the JF PR9 Canberra. for FSX , well i have to say i have a few issues as follows.
    1/. frames went down to 0.5 , making the aircraft unflyable , on investigation , i found if i put // in front of window15=checkliist in the panel.cfg , the frames came up to about 29 and she becomes flyable.
    2/. i have my controls going through FSUIPC for my aircraft , but i cannot get the PR9 throttles to work on the full range , at this time through FSUIPC my only throttle movement is from full fwd to the 50% , then i have to use F2 to bring the throttles to idle , all my other aircraft work fine through FSUIPC
    3/. on free flight the Canberra has its engines running , i know i could make a saved flight to get round this , but i have noticed in the VC two errors , 1/. rear fuel gauge does not come off empty position , yet 2d popups show correct fuel . 2/. the u/c lights gauge shows 3 reds with gear down and on the ground , to get it showing correct 3 greens , you have to push the u/c diwn button as both buttons are out , this is wrong , the down button should be in while on the ground.
    regards alan cottrill.

  • Hi.
    I have got 3 tickets submitted to just flight over my canberra issue , but not had any replys to the sofar.
    Item 2/. above has now been sorted , in all my other aircraft setting up throttles on the first page going through FSUIPC calibration then set them up on the throttle page works fine , but not the canberra , it turned out to be simple , on the front page of the FSUIPC you just set the throttles on the canberra to go through FSX , set the control panel below for throttle 1 and 2 for multi throttles like i have , pull your throttles to min and hit the button left of the readings twice , so a 1 appears , thats it , you dont need to go to the throttle page.

    The canberra accoding to the manual page 9, should have a means to set up the canberra if you goto Start\ALL programs\Just Flight\Canberra PR9 , only file i have here is for the Mosquito , the Canberra PR9 is missing,
    Also in the sim under Add-ons\Just Flight Canberra it only shows Ground Equipment , there is no Panel State section as mentioned in the manual page 16 .
    I have found 2 .exe files in the F:FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\JF_Canberra\panel folder , they are Canberra_Configuration.exe and Canberra_Frequencies.exe , why are these here , and what are they controlling , NONE of my other aircraft have anything like this in the panel folders , so are they in the wrong place , as i followed the simple install proceedure , i have a ticket in for missing files , but not had a reply yet.
    As anyone eles got these two exe files in the panel folder or missing the file in the start menu just flight canberra and missing save panel state options in the sim.
    At this time i dont know if it is a corrupt download or not that is causing my issues.
    If anyone could check their install folders to see if they are different from mine , and let me know .
    regards alan.