Missing Subcategories?

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    I notice there are a lot of missing Just Flight subcategories. The archived web page has a plethora of items in its list. Far more than appear here. For example, I am personally interested in the "Traffic 360" product and the "Traffic X" product. Is there a reason behind these and the other product omissions?

  • We opted not to replicate all the product categories from the old forum since quite a few of them haven’t seen posts in some time. We’ve added sub-categories for our more recent releases to begin with but I’m sure that as we see more activity on the forum we’ll be adding further categories where warranted.

    Also, although this forum has replaced the old one it’s not a like for like replacement, so does do a few things differently and has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. For example, If you create a topic you’ll see you can add tags such as a product name, you can then use the icons at the top to find topics based on tags rather than using categories.

    You can post topics directly to the FSX & P3D category, if no relevant sub-category exists, they’ll just appear below the sub-categories.

  • I figured it may have something to do with the lack of posts/activity. Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.