Flight Schedule problems.

  • I'm having problems with the Flight Schedule.
    I am in Kastrup EKCH.
    I open flight schedule and select departures, and look under airport.

    Then I can see that many of the departures fly to kastrup. But I'm at Kastrup Airport.
    It does not show the destination of the flight.
    Some departures are displayed correctly with detination, but many are displayed incorrectly with Kastrup as destination.

    Let me give an example.
    SK943 normally flying from Kastrup to Chicago.
    But flight Schedule writes that the destination is Kastrup.

    Is it a wrong setup / settings.
    Or is it a big mistake in the game ??

  • No in the error log you can see some flights have an error Like "destination must be different from departure", that plan will not load in the sim or any plan with a compiler error.

  • This post is deleted!