Development suggestion

  • Good morning/afternon JustFlight,
    I've come up with an other way to make money from your existing aircraft models.

    As you may know, the general aviation is currently on the edge of an instrument panel revolution. First Aspen, then Garmin are releasing full suites of modern instruments. Thus, your existing instrument panels, for instance the one from pa28-161 warrior II, are aging a bit since they've been designed at a given date.

    That's where my suggestion comes. You could come up with add on or multiple add ons to follow up with thoses technical evolutions.
    For instance, like RXP with the GTN650/750, you may release a Garmin G5 add-on or a GNC255 com/nav add-on if the JF aircraft is not equipped with thoses.
    We can go futher in the idea of this. You could release an aircraft with a customizable panel. G5 or standard horizon indicator + heading indicator, GFC500 or standard AP, and so on. I wouldn't mind paying $$$ for my favourite aircraft, since depending on where I rent it from, panels will be different.