Some fmod sounds missing?

  • Hello,
    I'm the only one noticing this? For example I can't seem to hear any touch down sounds, roll sounds, gyro/avionics sounds, ap disco sound, cabin doors sounds and when shutting down engines you hear the revs going down but perhaps is missing this typical final sputtering engine sound, I'm really liking a lot this twin, any ideas?

  • Hi,
    I have the same problem, so you are not alone. Another thing I noticed is that plane is quite fps hungry. Otherwise really nice plane!
    Br. Vesa

  • @Vesa same issues as you guys. Sounds are not good and have already had 2 CTDs. Also very FPS hungry. Certainly needs optimizing.

  • Thank you guys, ticket submitted.

  • JF Staff

    The Duchess 76 has been updated to v1.1:

    • Transponder light not illuminating - fixed
    • Front landing gear door animation - fixed
    • Librain plugin rain masks - fixed
    • Missing custom sounds added
    • Made GTN 750 less reflective and added inner knob to 3D bezel
    • Electric pitch trim no longer moves when using shortcuts or manual trim, or when turned off
    • Added scroll support for HSI calibration (CCW/CW) switch, for easier adjustment
    • Added ‘Reset' buttons to pilot and co-pilot altimeter (to set to 29.92 inHG)
    • Updated landing gear annunciator lights to no longer work with scroll wheel (that caused multiple lights to be capable of being on simultaneously)
    • NAV2 flags - fixed
    • ASI lighting - fixed
    • Other minor fixes

    You can download the latest version from your Just Flight account.

  • JF Staff

    We've not experienced any performance issues during the development and testing processes. Can you get in touch with the support team so we can investigate that further?