LFRN runway issues

  • Hi All,

    Purchased the X-Plane 11 LFRN scenery last night and it's beautiful. I have a problem with the runway depiction though. It looks like a roller coaster ride (see attachment). I know XP models runway curvature etc but this seems a bit extreme. Further down the runway it undulates way too much. The scenery is sitting at the top of my scenery.ini file.

    Any thoughts as to what might be causing this?

    LFRN Rwy 10.gif

  • If you don't like the sloping runways, go into X-Plane 11 general settings, and uncheck "Runways follow terrain contours."

  • @Soaranden it's not that I don't like sloping runways, I do, but this slope is clearly messed up and wrong. Just trying to figure out what's causing it to do that. I don't have any ortho scenery installed (have read that this can cause conflict) so a am bit bemused at the moment.

  • Turns out it's a mesh issue. Installed HDMesh v4 and the problem is solved.