Aid with active runway selection

  • Hi,
    I am just wondering if Just Flight can add some variables (such as wind component, preferential choice, time of the day, and if possible a data feed on active runway selection from VATSIM airports, etc) for each airport to make decisions about active runway selection. TG can do it for larger airports and setup a tutorial so that other people can chime in for smaller airports if needed. Btw, this can be in addition to what TG is currently doing - i.e if there's no config file for an airport, it will use the default function.


  • Not sure what you mean here? The active runway is available from the flightpath view, and from the comms system if you're trying to find out what the active currently is. For defining what the rules are that affect the choice, they come from X-Plane's flow definitions so that no additional rules are required for it to work. There's no integration with VATSIM firstly because they don't offer a way of doing this, but more because it doesn't fit. VATSIM adds its own aircraft which will be completely unaware of TG aircraft so they just don't fit in the sim at the same time. Using their active doesn't work because TG's traffic won't match VATSIM's.