• Just Flight has designed an L-1011, A300, and 747, is there plans for a DC-10 of similar detail in the future? I would love to see one but it’s one of the more neglected planes, especially compared to it’s younger brother the MD-11, which has multiple current and future renditions with very high detail, while the best DC-10 on the market is still basic detail.

  • You speak from my heart! The venerable DC-10 deserves a Pro upgrade.

  • JF Staff

    Not at the moment, never say never on this one but there's a lot of other stuff on the go and in planning, making the potential for another DC-10 some way off, if at all. Thanks for the interest though.

  • I too would really, really love a DC-10. Was just such an amazing aircraft. Shares many of the same controls/instruments as the 747CL/A300, etc. (Your CIV-A on the 747/A300 deserves a DC-10 to make her whole)