FOKKER F27 Friendship, ignitors & auto pilot trim

  • Hi.
    I have just got the Fokker F27 Friendship and am trying to do the tutorial flight. But first thing, (this has no adverse affect but is annoying) both ignitors go ON & OFF together when they should work individually. Why?
    Second, and this is a real problem, the Auto Pilot Trim switch does not work. Either in Left click hold for down or Right Click hold for up. Any ideas?
    John Caselton

  • Hi Old John,

    FSX Steam Edition with Windows 64

    I have been flying the Fokker F27 since the end of August 2020 and have never had a problem with the ignitors not working individually.

    For the Auto Pilot Trim switch I have never used as I like to watch the "Primary Displays" when making any changes so use buttons on my Joystick. Having said that I have had problems with the pitch, when descending at approximately 1,000 ft/min with the "Airspeed" hold on in the Autopilot, suddenly for no apparent reason the plane will go into a steep dive followed by a steep climb and carry on doing this until I switch off the Autopilot and regain control. I did contact Just Flights support team who tried to replicate it but couldn't so have put it down to my piloting.