The GNS 530 is not fully functional. Can I install Reality-XP GNS 430 V2?

  • As much as I like the Warrior II, my other goal is to master the GNS. The 530 the comes with the software seems to be an abbreviated version. Is there a way of installing a full version, including the full waypoint set of nav screens?

    If not, I also have a GNS 430 V2 that I purchased from Reality XP. Can I use that instead? What I mean by that is that I would like to remove the 530 from the panel and use that. Reality gives a pretty good example on how to do it, and I've tried. However, I can't seem to remove the 530 bezel.


  • I do not really have an answer, but a related question, regarding the same issue. In the real world I fly a PA-28 with a Garmin 430. To practice for my instrument rating, I want to use a 430 - mybe the reality-xp 430 or at least not the 530, but the 430. I just need the pop out window of a 430 (as I also use a home cockpit with the real sim gear GNS 430).

    So, How can I change the 530 in the PA-28 to a 430 (Reality-XP or - for a start - the X-Plane 430)?

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  • My question has been answered in the x-Plane forum. I just had to replace all "530" by "430" in the *.acf-File. That - for now - gave me the 430 pop out window and works good with the realsimgear. I still have to checkout the Reality-XP.