X-Plane C152 vs FSX version: Issues?

  • I own the FSX aircraft and now having switched to X-plane 11, have purchased that version too. I’m having a few issues I would really like to resolve. Numbers 1 and 2 on the list are really frustrating! :

    1. The round out and flare seems completely unrealistic compared to the real aircraft and also the FSX version. My problem is that when reducing the power in the flare the aircraft falls like a stone, even when at the correct approach speed of 65kts.

    2. Approaches with full flap, correct speed and correctly aligned on the glide slope require almost full down trip to maintain airspeed without having to push very hard on the yoke. It’s as if the weight and balance is off or the lift generated from flaps is unrealistic.

    3. Primer sound is missing

    4. Parking brake sound is missing

    5. Cannot turn radio selector to off / ext

    6. Cannot hide interface arrow (you can in FSX)

    7. The aircraft tends to skid very easily during taxi

    Can anyone on here offer advice please?

  • Ref point 6: I don't have the C152 but on Turbo Arrow and Duchess you can dim the Interface arrow by putting the mouse pointer over it and using the scroll wheel.

    Andy L