JF Aircraft in MSFS2020

  • Hello,will it be possible to use Just Flight A/C in the new MSFS2020,and would I have to pay again for the A/C which I already have from JF for FSX(HS748,DHC1 Chipmunk)?

  • @benibaz
    MSFS2020 is a completely new sim and models from other versions can't be installed into the new Sim. They also cant simply be "ported" in the same way as you could from FS9 to FSX for example. There is substantial remodelling and texturing, not to mention the flight systems.

  • @XR219,Hello,if that is the case,do you know if the A/C that I have purchased from JF will be remodelled for the new MSFS2020?Thanks.benibaz.

  • It’s likely that they’ll have to be repurchased for FS2020, like buying the plane for X-Plane, because going from P3D to FS2020 is a similar jump.

  • @XR219 said in JF Aircraft in MSFS2020:

    models from other versions can't be installed into the new Sim

    Actually they have promised from the beginning that this will be possible, and repeated it recently. No details but likely that pure-FSX models with XML gauges and no external coding (maybe the cockpit sounds DLL will be an exception or deletable)

  • The MDL file has been deprecated, but according to the current version of the SDK might still work.... however the airfile is not supported so the flight dynamics wont work and there may be issues with the animations.

  • hi i'm new here i haven't played a flight sim since microsoft flight sim 2002 does anyone have a rough estimate on when we might see a spitfire lancasters and dakotas in the new sim has Just flight said anything about how long it will take to develop new planes for the sim etc

  • @glaknight1 Hello, MSFS2020 has just recently been released,so there is still a lot of minor problems to sort out,3rd party developers like Just Flight will have to wait a bit before they can organise themselves into producing anything for the sim.

  • Really looking forward to JF planes in FS2020. The small GA planes will certainly benefit from the new flight model, with all sorts of lovely wind effects, ground handling, and departure behavior.

  • It's nice there's already a topic here for this 🙂

    For myself, I'm keen on seeing the C-130 Hercules in MSFS2020, it was always one of my favourite aircraft in MSFSX with its pleasingly thick manual 🙂

    I would love to see an updated version for 2020 that I can download, I still have the manual and it would probably become my permanent go-to aircraft. It seems people have different opinions on how portable old-format aircraft are, but hopefully most of the work would be conversions to new formats rather than actual rebuilding/writing.

    Fly safe everyone.

  • To do it properly requires ' rebuilding/writing', but I've done quite a few simple imports which work reasonably well - certainly well enough that I only fly imports now.
    Currently Lancaster and Spitfire, also C46 and Islander and Stearman work well.