Mapping magneto switches to a controller

  • The JF PA-28 has individual ceiling switches for left and right magnetos. I am trying to map these to two switches on my Thrustmaster throttle controller. So far I have been unable to do this. When I look at the mappings available, I see mappings that would work with a standard key switch (off, left mag, right mag, both, start), but nothing I can use to map left mag on/off to one switch and right mag on/off to another switch. Any ideas or suggestions?

  • The magneto switches are local variables (LVARs) and the applicable ones are Left_Lower_Magneto_Left and Left_Lower_Magneto_Right. These can be set to off (0) and on (1) but i am unsure if they can be toggled during a button press. (ie: i suspect when you press the button it will either set it to on or off depending on what you have selected). You could use 4 buttons to set Left on and OFF on two buttopns and Right on and off on two buttons but not sure that is what you are after.