JT9D-70A variant

  • Does JF plan to add a JT9D-70A variant for the freighters? AFAIK, it is very similar to the JT9D-59A that has been done for the A300, and I just wanted to know if it was possible to use that as the basis for the -70A on the 747. I only mention freighters because they were only ever on freigher and combi models, and I'm guessing the combi won't be available until later as an expansion.
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  • Just wanted to bump this topic, still looking for a response, I do hope this engine variant is included, if not on launch, eventually, be it in a combi expansion pack or later update.

  • @Noob21
    I believe that the dev group is sinking into the recycle of programing and debuging, which takes lots of time.