DC-6 paint kit please

  • Re: DC6 Paint Kit

    Hello, is this paint kit available somewhere? I have the DC-6B base pack (DVD, plus download), however its not present in either.

    Also, I downloaded the AF1 texture off the support site, added it to intercontinental version aircraft.cfg , plane textures load and look fine, except the passenger bus and stewardess, they are black/untextured. The stairs are ok, in US Navy paint..... thanks for help. I see the AF1 texture set includes texture for pickup truck, it wont show. I see the pickup truck on the included image from JF site... alt text

    Im considering to buy both expansion packs, I like the plane, but would like to have this sorted out first before investing more money and time into this plane.

    Thank you for any help.

    edit: actually, I see that the model is different. Different doors (cargo?), looks like longer rudder too... maybe I need to buy the cargo pack then in order to load this AF1 texture? probably...