SAS Repaint Error

  • Just wanted to point out that SAS back with their older liveries had a strange habit of making the "SAS" on the tail larger on the left side of the tail and smaller on the right, as the slant of the text allowed for it to be larger on the left while requiring it to be smaller on the right. While the "SAS" on the right side appears to be the correct size, the left side seems to just be mirrored, instead of the proper size, illustrated in this image of SE-DFL, the depicted repaint alt text
    Just wanted to let you guys know, hopefully this is fixed before the aircraft is released.

  • Also, while I'm at it, just wanted to mention the black circle on the nose seems a little big, as well as the grey belly paint seems to hike up just a little high. And the cargo doors, admittedly from an older picture, are missing their bare metal edges like the pax doors have. These images also shouldn't time out.0008847.jpg 1525989.jpg1525998.jpg

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the feedback, we'll take a look!

  • Thanks, just want to make sure the repaints are of the highest quality, especially the repaint I anticipate the most.