• Hi,
    I was very impressed with the detail and the ground level experience but a bit surprised that the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth is missing and the Historic dockyard is covered in blocks . I suppose I'm used to Generation X which did have the problem of being flat but obviously accurate. I do appreciate there is a trade off but will there be updates to add important VRP landmarks

    Kind Regards

  • JF Staff

    @colb617 Thanks for the feedback. Landmarks are not part of this product. It is “photo scenery with autogen” as the next stage up from the old pure photo stuff giving it 3D buildings and trees to go with the 2D flat building images and wooded areas. Of course all landmarks will still be in the photos as with our old VFR Real Scenery or Generation X but unless they are already present in FSX/P3D as custom landmark models (like many of the London buildings) they will of necessity be represented by generic autogen. To be efficient the autogen engine in the simulator has a fairly restricted selection of building types.
    If you turn off autogen you will get the same “accurate but flat” scenery as with previous Photoscenery products but that rather defeats the object.

    Hope that helps.