Weird behavior near EGSS, day jumps back and forth

  • So I installed a new EGSS scenery and went there to check whether the traffic works. Might be the first time I tried this airport at all. I noticed planes popping up and disappear within a second or two, when I looked at the timetable I saw the date changing wildly between Sunday and Monday and the traffic adapting respectively. I got a lot of stuff running so I removed plug-ins and scenery, no avail. I do have another vanilla installation on a different drive, I moved the TG plugin and the aircraft over to that one, went to Stansted and the same thing was happening again, even if I checked to follow real date and time. The whole traffic keeps altering back and fro within two days. Any idea what's going on here?

  • Re: [Weird behavior near EGSS](day jumps back and forth)

    Okay I see it's kinda hard to believe, so I made this video:

    What's that? And also, does anyone have an idea how I could read the current sim date as screen output, so I could see whether this also happens without traffic global?

  • Yes, it's a known bug in the timezone handling of the last release. The workaround for now is to add a 15-minute manual timezone offset in the flight config. It's dependent on very specific combinations of flight time settings, longitude range and DST.