Fuel & Load Manager?

  • Will there be a fuel & load manager ? It's better if the TOW, CG, gross weight and other parameters according to the flight plans can be easily culculated with that tool.

  • Hi,
    I believe it has been said on prior forum posts that there will be a Fuel & Load planner for the 747 Classic (and also hopefully can be repurposed to update other products such as the VC10 pro, which is sorely in need of one). Assuming JF haven't changed their plans since last year I believe that is still the case.

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  • @SimeonWilbury
    Thank you for reply. I haven't bought the VC10pro, but it's reasonable that the early jet liners like VC10 and 747cl quite need it for the lack of FMC. Hopefully we will see it with the release of 747cl this year.