1_ 11. Flight sim software

  • I have purchased the 1 11 flight simulation
    And have found that a number of functions do not work
    The heading bug on the compass is fixed on north. The control knob turns but does not change the heading bug
    The auto pilot is heading control is not working nor does the pitch trim
    I should add that I flew these aircraft for 18 years so I know what should work
    If there is not a fix I will be asking for a refund

  • JF Staff

    @tedban If they don't work or it doesn't work to your satisfaction yep you'll be able to get a refund. Might be worth contacting our support team to see if they can help you out to begin with though.

    You'll also need to let them know the exact product you're referring to, 1_11. Flight sim software doesn't really narrow it down very much.

    Support can be contacted here: https://support.justflight.com/en/support/home