Licensing Mechanism Doesn't Work if you have Windows Insider Previews Installed

  • Hi,

    So if you are running Windows Insider Previews it looks like the licensing mechanism gets confused each time a new build is installed. This appears to cause the machine ID to change or something like that. Could we have a mechanism to deregister old machines (Similar to the way licensing for X-Aviation products work) so that we can continue to use Traffic Global? (And in the mean time, can someone reset my activation count 😞 ).

    PS: When activation fails, Traffic Global seems to sit in a very tight loop taking up to 14fps on the Sim instead of the usual < 5fps.

  • JF Staff


    Not something anyone has mentioned up to now. Your best bet would be to contact Just Flight support.

  • Thanks @Derek. I have done that. Curses of being a developer (means I have to check things before the rest of my team encounters them, so I tend to run the preview builds).

  • Hello,
    I've submitted a support ticket for this as well as I used up all my activations. I've now disabled Insider Previews. I also observed a massive FPS hit when Traffic Global 'deactivates' itself, at ORBX EGLC, my FPS went from 30 FPS to 44 FPS when I disabled the 'deactivated' plugin. Just waiting now for my activation count to be reset.