757-300-W Delta Repaint

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for a repaint for the JF-757-300W-RR in Delta colors. Does anyone have one or know where I can find one? If there's a winglet model for the PW winglet as well, would love that one as well.


  • @Dardango
    There is a B753 Delta repaint in TG but, like many other models it lacks the winglets that are now pretty standard on most commercial airliners. (Yet another issue that was raised on numerous occasions in the EA forum).
    Even a lot of B737s lack them, despite the fact that a winglet model is provided and all it takes to add them to any repaint is to edit the relevant aircraft.cfg to read model=w.
    JF have promised some new aircraft models (along with more liveries) in an upcoming update but, it's not really a lot of hassle to substitute the non-winglet one with a freeware (wingleted) model and repaint.