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  • Hi all, as you can see, the title says everything. So my question is : will the 747 Classic (-100, -200, -300 and -SP) be available for MSFS ?

    However, I wish you all the best.

  • It will probably eventually be out for MSFS but it entirely depends on how hard it is for JF to port it over from P3D. It’s likely they won’t have to re-process the model for it as both are 64bit, but they will probably have to rework the systems to get them working. However, I doubt it’ll take them longer than it takes for them to port their addons to X-Plane once they get a hang of the SDK. If they get early enough access to a fully fledged SDK, they might manage to have it ready for release day of FS2020, but certainly don’t count on it.

  • Thanks for the reply ! Indeed, I do not count on a day-one release for MSFS, all that I wanted to know it if it's planned to port it on MSFS one day 🙂

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    Looks like we need to employ Noob21 as our Spokesperson? 😃

    Elements of truth in what he says here but a few other things to consider and remember.

    1. There are other projects on the go that might get priority over the 747 when it comes to transition to MSFS. There are many reasons why other projects could easily get the nod ahead of the 747 to begin with.

    2. As mentioned we're nowhere close to having access to a full and working SDK so no work has started as yet on any projects other than very early research.

    3. The 'ports' from P3D to X-Plane aren't really ports at all at least we don't class them as that. They are a new development project given the differences in platforms. The team that work on these with us are a decent sized team so that helps cut down on time. Internally here at Just Flight we're not blessed with that level of resource so such a speedy turnaround to other platforms can't be guaranteed (at the moment)

    Safe to say on the 747 it definitely won't be ready on or anywhere near the release time of MSFS and is unlikely to be in this calendar year. There's still work to complete on the current version so as things stand we don't have a completion date for that and the subsequent X-Plane version, let's get them done and released and we can then maybe turn our attention to the desired platform you mention but remember there are many other projects on the go and probably going to be in a more favourable position for us to be able to work on this year ahead of the 747 as things stand.

    Hope that helps further in answering your initial enquiry.

  • That makes a lot of sense. The way I see it, is they obviously want to move things to MSFS in the future. However, as they stated, the 747 probably won’t be the first. If you think about it, MSFS is an entirely new platform that promises features deemed impossible/infeasible previously. The 747 Classic is most likely the most complex/in depth aircraft JustFlight has ever created. They will want to make sure any MSFS release is done properly on such a complex aircraft. Therefore, it would make sense for them to get a feel for MSFS development/SDK on one of the myriad simpler aircraft they have created that have already been tried/tested for years on other platforms. I want nothing more than to have the 747CL in MSFS, but I also want it to be done properly so as to take advantage of all that MSFS has to offer. Whenever it eventually comes out for MSFS, I will be a first day buyer.

  • @Voice-of-Reason
    So that is to say the 747 won't be ready by the end of this year? A disappointing news. Anyhow, thanx for the work you guys have done.

  • JF Staff

    @centurion88 said in Microsoft Flight Simulator:

    So that is to say the 747 won't be ready by the end of this year? A disappointing news. Anyhow, thanx for the work you guys have done.

    Won't be ready by the end of the year for which platform? Very much hope it'll be released for P3D in the coming months. X-Plane version some unknown there so unlikely to be this year but that's not confirmed yet.

  • @centurion88 I think I have seen on this forum that the target release would be for July / August. Things to confirm however 😉

  • @Voice-of-Reason Thank you for the reply ! As I previously said, I do not count on a day-one release, and I totally understad that other projects can be ported much more quicker to MSFS. However I hope that one day the 747 Classic would be ported, whatever when 🙂

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  • @ual763 Well as they say, it's far better for something good to be delayed than something bad to be rushed out, and I am more than happy to wait for JF to make sure absolutely everything is spot on for the 747CL before putting it out there for us.

  • @Voice-of-Reason
    Thank you for reply. I mean for the p3d. My pocket is ready.