Waiting since Cosford

  • About a year ago I was at RAF Cos ford watching a Just Flight presentation on the 747 classic which was portrayed as virtually immanent. It was all very exciting and I for one was waiting with the cash. There have obviously been problems and rethinks because a year on and here we are. But it would be nice to know if we are definitely close to release this time. Thanks. Neil.

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for your interest in this project. It was imminent at Cosford and still is. In October last year it had little in the way of avionics or flight modelling, plus there were liveries and other things to sort. Robin gave a talk on progress at Cosford and tried to make it clear how detailed this project was going to be and how much was left to do. Unfortunately, these things take time and the usual response from developers when asked "when will it be ready?" is: "when it's ready". We are regularly releasing screenshots, progress reports etc on social media and the 'In Dev' page is regularly updated.

    Should be very soon now - but, don't ask me to define whether 'soon' is from the perspective of a sub-atomic physicist or a geologist 🙂




  • Ok, thank you for replying. I am sure these things are hugely complicated. I was fascinated to know how it was all done but by the time Robin was on I was so tired from everything 8 didn’t take half as much in as I would have wanted. Was it filmed and recorded by any chance