Virtual Cabin

  • I just noticed the new previews of the cabin model on the page, and I was hoping that it would possibly end up being merged with the virtual cockpit, just because planes with modeled pax cabins can be quite enjoyable.

  • My main concern on that front would be framerate, as while enjoyable as cabins merged with the VC are, they do often end up having a bit of a hit on performance.
    Perhaps if it was optional it would be a fun feature, however with high-fidelity aircraft in frame-critical areas (like in and around London Heathrow with payware scenery for example) it can often cause problems.

  • JF Staff

    The cabin is currently part of the virtual cockpit as well as exterior model.

    As mentioned by Simeon, we'll need to evaluate any performance impact but it's quite likely that it will remain.

  • @SimeonWilbury Developers like Captain Sim have managed entire pax cabins of large widebodies without any serious performance hits, even when I ran FSX on my old potato of a computer, they actually performed surprisingly better than some other payware addons, so as long as JF can properly optimize it, I don't think it should be much of an issue, and with how well FS2020 is likely to be optimized, I feel like it won't be significant at all once this aircraft is ported to that. Alternatively, JF can also add the option to disable it which should help cater to both sides of the issue.

    @Martyn That's excellent to hear! This is hyping me up for this addon even more, I will surely be a day one customer once it comes around. I hope there will be some fun animations for the pax cabin, but if not, I will be completely satisfied by the current static model.

  • I just noticed that the images of the cabin were removed from the development page, is it being reworked? I did notice a few things were off, like the center overhead bins were missing, and there was no business class, just the same seating throughout the cabin.

  • JF Staff

    @Noob21 No nothing sinister going on, we just had a cull of some of the shots as we were close to 100 shots on the page. New cabin shots will be aired in the coming weeks I'm sure. And remember it's just the cabin so perhaps lower expectations on detail in there. 🙂

  • @Voice-of-Reason that makes me feel a little better, I just really want to have a cabin included with the virtual cockpit of my favorite aircraft. Thanks for the info though.