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  • Hi everybody.
    I am currently using OCULUS Rift VR with Prepar3D v4. I have a pretty high spec PC from Chillblast. But as I am spending a lot of time flight siming, I was thinking maybe time to update the VR. So does anybody have any recommendations? Was thinking about OCULUS S, but some of the reviews suggest it's not much better that rift in terms of resolution. All help and surjections will be much appreciated.
    John Caselton

  • Hi John,

    Sine first using VR in 2017 I have only flown in VR. In fact I can only fly in VR as reverting to 2d is plain boring. I can highly recommend VR. I'm using Vive Pro, and for me this headset is great. Resolution is good enough to read screens, dials etc. and the headset is comfortable, however, it may be the most costly(?). It also uses outside in tracking, meaning it requires two small boxes to be mounted on the walls. What this means is if you have a large enough room you can walk around. This is a very odd experience. 'The Plank' is a great example of how real the VR world seems! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M92kfnpg-k

    I tried the HP Reverb headset, the image was a little clearer, however I had issues with Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) software. I've had no issues with Vive/Steam.

    For me, once I tried VR there was no going back to simming on a monitor. Last night I landed a TBM in EKVG as the sunset. Part of the hills and cliffs glowed orange as the sunset. On finals I thought to myself 'this is bloody awesome'. I get this feeling regularly despite have been a VR user for 3 years.

    Good luck.

  • If anybody has an inclination to reply, DON'T BOTHER. Oh you haven't. Getting my new headset tomorrow.
    John Caselton

  • JF Staff

    @Old-John said in VR Headsets.:

    If anybody has an inclination to reply, DON'T BOTHER. Oh you haven't. Getting my new headset tomorrow.
    John Caselton

    Someone replied four days after your first post and then hid his own reply. No idea why - it seemed quite useful.

  • I will be glad to know what exactly you have chosen) Share here?

  • After a lot of searching on the web and finally talking to Chillblast (yes I actually talked to a person on the phone. Highly recommend them) I got the Vive Cosmos at a cost of £600. £100 off at Curry's PC World. Not quit the plug-in and go as stated, but got there. A bit heavier than Oculus Rift, lead a bit stiffer and heavier than Oculus. But after a lot of tweaking and adjusting, I am almost there. Yesterday did my first long distance flight, Durham Tees Valley EGNV to Duxford EGSU, IFR VOR. C-47. Dial and gauges in cockpit a lot clearer and easy to read. Saw some scenery features I had not seen before, on this trip. So over all I am pleased I went with the Vive Cosmos. Sorry about all the plugs, Oh aircraft is by Aeroplane Heaven.
    John Caselton

  • which game did you fly te vr

  • Sorry didn't mention I am using P3D v4.5.