Switching Between FSX & Other Programs

  • Hi,
    I have FSX boxed (i.e. not Steam) running on Windows 10, 64 bit. I use a program called Littlenavmap for flight planning. Before I upgraded from Windows 7, 64 bit I was able to use "alt-tab" to switch between the two, so I could see exactly where the aircraft was on the moving map. I had a button on my Saitek controller which I programmed to switch between FSX and Littlenavmap so I could glance quickly at the map to see where I was and quickly be back in the cockpit. This no longer works since I upgraded to W10. I can still run the moving map in the background but need a few key presses and FSX has to cycle between minimised, windowed and full screen which takes too long. I have always found that FSX dislikes being minimised - is this common?
    Any suggestions please?