First test flight and observations with SF25 C-Falke in Aerofly FS2

  • Hello together,

    I want to introduce myself. My name is Thomas and I am fligthsim enthusiast and real word pilot since around 25 years.

    I want to thank Just Flight for their engagement with Aerofly FS2. I have every Addon plane which you have released and I'm a big fan of the Arrow I must say.

    But now I want give you some first feedback to your newest release the SF25 Falke.

    I have now completed my first flight. And my feelings about the Falke are a little mixed.

    First of all I was very excited about this new addon because I have been flying this type of aircraft (SF25 C-Falke) in reality for around 20 years. Until 2010 the version with 80 hp Limbach engine, an then the converted version with a Rotax 912 engine (100 hp). Generally these type of aircraft are really common in german glider clubs. Some call them "retiree jets" with a smile 🙂

    In my opinion the modeling of the airplane and the interieur is well done. The feeling in VR when you sit in the cockpit quite fits.

    After a flight of 15 min. I observed these things:

    The flight control is very spongy and the necessary amount of rudder is too high (and I know that the plane has a strong negative turning moment)

    In all variants the climbing (m/s) is to high. In reality you need to accelerate in the ground effect for a safe climbing speed, for example.

    The displayed engine speeds (rpm) are not correct (generally to low):

    The rpm with full throttle on the ground is much too low. In the air in cruising flight the rpm is to low, too. It should be at 150 km/h about 2500 rpm. At VNE and full throttle the rpm speed should go over the red line (3400 rpm)

    Carburetor preheating is reversed. Normally the lever is up and the preheating is off.

    Wheel brake should be coupled to the airbrake.

    If I turn the main switch off, the airspeed indicator does not work anymore (in reality it works with the dynamic pressure and is purely mechanical)

    I noticed the following with the model:
    The screw on the carburetor warm-up lever isn't moving.
    In the aircraft selection the rudder is missing in the aircraft picture of the C-Model of the Falke

    Generally I don't unterstand the logic with the ignition switch.

    I would be very grateful if you could look at these points again and publish an update accordingly.

    Many thanks and best regards
    Thomas (aka "Chiefkoch")

  • JF Staff

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the feedback. I've passed this information onto the developer for their attention.

  • Hi Rich,

    thank you for your reply. I'm looking forward to what the developers thereby can do.

    Best regards,

    PS: Some of the Aerofly FS2 forum members asking, if it's possible to add a pilot into the model?