PreFlightCheck Of Fuel gauges CHECK QUANTITY Not Working

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    I'm a flight newb and have been learning to pilot the Duchess 76 AeroFly FS 2 Steam Edition

    During the Pre Flight Check it says:
    Parking brake SET
    Avionics OFF
    Mixtures IDLE CUT-OFF
    Magneto/start switches OFF
    Battery switch ON
    Fuel gauges CHECK QUANTITY

    When I check the Fuel gauges the reading is zero
    If I switch ON the Aux Fuel Pumps I get a Fuel Pressure reading but not a Fuel Quantity readout.

    Prior to this I have used the clip board to Refuel and charge the battery.
    Once the engine starts the fuel quantity gauge works fine
    But with the engine not running the Fuel Quanity Gauges reads zero.

    I played with the Fuel selectors to no effect also.

    I thought that as long as the Fuel sender has power the gauge should work even without the engine running.

    Am I making a rookie mistake or is this a bug and possibility known issue.


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    I noticed the same and its not in agreement with old yt vídeos, but the new ones are the same, so, idk if its a bug or a feature.