C152 chocks and tiedowns

  • I'm sure I am being dense here, but I can't see how to remove the chocks and tiedowns.

    The manual talks about using the clipboard. I click on the clipboard it comes up in front of me. I click anywhere on the clipboard it goes back down onto the seat, no way I can see to change whats on the clipboard in VR...

  • So nobody is flying this plane?

  • JF Staff

    Hi Majick,
    When you've called up the clipboard, you should get a hand icon when putting the cursor over the "chocks & tie-downs" text. Click that should toggle them.

  • Thanks for the response Rich. I'm pretty sure that wasn't happening for me in VR, the cursor was remaining an arrow with a mouse next to it. But next time I'm on I'll give it a try.

  • JF Staff

    Thanks. I haven't got a VR headset myself to check that out so please do report back if you find it isn't working.

  • Ok, I've just tried it in VR and not in VR.
    I get no hand icon.

    The clipboard moves up in front of the yoke, the cursor is an arrow with a mouse next to it wherever I move it on the clipboard.

    When I click the cursor anywhere on the clipborad it returns to the seat.

  • So just to be clear it's not working. At no point does the cursor turn into a hand icon.

  • Is there any chance I can have a dev response to this question? As it is this plane is useless to me if I can't taxi from the stand to the runway. Has it actually been tested with FS2?

    Or maybe a customer has got it working and can tell me the secret.

  • JF Staff

    I've just checked this out (in non-VR mode) and confirmed that it is working...


    I called up the clipboard, pointed the mouse at the "off" part of the "Chocks" and "Tie downs" text and the respective parts were removed. The hand cursor is actually the mouse pointer cursor - but as long as you are pointed at either the On or Off text, it should be functioning correctly.