Accident in World Editor making a scenario

  • It is very enjoyable to make scenarios with JustTrains products, but after spending hours putting trains together on the "South western Expressways to Reading" route, I wanted to continue my route in Western Mainlines from the extension of The South Devon Mainline route. I arrived at Exeter and the other day, I set my path in the route from Exeter St. Davids and continue on down to Penzance. Firstly I wanted to add more trains to the route. I checked the SWE to Reading route at Exeter, to check what trains I had selected for the scenario to try and create it in the WML/SDML route so that I can continue my journey. Unfortunate for me, I had entered the World Editor and as we know, it only deals with scenery before clicking on the Train selection icon. I had accidently moved the track on platform 5 at Exeter as I was about to select the train icon. After which the simulator had frozen and I had to shut down my computer. After I re-entered the simulator SDML extended from Western Mainlines had shown a warning that it has run out of memory. Instead, I decided to enter another way via the "build" window and edit. This is where I found the fault. Missing railway track and signal heads from the gantries. I verified game files through Steam and I checked SWE to Reading, to clarify that this wasn't harmed. It was all normal. However, going to check the WML/SDML, the tracks were still missing with the signal heads. I decided to delete all extensions and Western Mainlines from my system. I feel that I have to mention this, as it is problematic, if you are clumsy like me. I haven't reinstalled these routes yet. I really hope that when they are reinstalled, the tracks have returned along with the signal heads. It does concern me when these kind of things happen. I am sure the scenery is locked when in World Editor. Thanks for reading.