FMC Connecting Issues

  • Hello Fellaws!
    I am here trying to figure out how to get the L-1011 Tri FMC to work and display flight plan data correctly. I currently have a just a plain screen and unable to see or enter anything on the scratch pad to enter any data. I did however, stroked 08 for Rwy and it did showed but cannot see at the bottom of the screen what its being typed. I use PRO-ATCx for flight plans. Could some guidance by shared of the correct path or verify for me if the correct path its set so the flight plan will load up on the FMC please? . I am also consulting with folks at the PROATC just to make sure as well.šŸ¤”

    Lockheed MartinĀ® Prepar3DĀ® v4 7_9_2021 12_19_30 PM (2).png 18.png