simworks Phantom II

  • I have this biught from Just flight, however I can find no manual and all thelinks seem to take me to their website and it says under construction...would like to be more familiar with cocckpit and procedures, any suggestions appreciated....I don't do facebook if that is a suggestion...

  • Unfortunately the product doesn't ship with any instruction manual in the normal .pdf format. The only data available was from online in a Wiki series of pages.

    There was a problem in that the front cockpit layout and settings page was broken but I did manage to source the information from a website dedicated to the real aeroplane.

    Have look at the pages on the 'old' forum for advice and also watch a couple YouTube videos that have been uploaded by David Herky. Very informative.

    In a small way that I may be able to offer additional assistance I did download some useful pages from the Wiki site and embedded them into Microsfot Word pages. If you would like me to zip them and send them by PM please drop me a message.



    ps Great fun if TacPack enabled.😃

  • @Uncle-Bucc thanks for that, i will check out the videos you mention and look at the old forum pages....looking into TacPack but not really sure what it does, some reading required....thanks...

  • JF Staff

    Hi Wain,
    The online manuals should be back as soon as they've sorted out their new website.
    Sorry about that.

  • thanks Rich...