Duchess 76 AFS2 - sounds

  • Hi.

    I bought the Duchess for AFS yesterday. The model is nice and the ambient sounds are lovely, but the engine sounds are extremely odd in this aircraft.

    The engine is always at a constant rpm sound - neither the throttles nor the props make any difference to the pitch of the sounds. There is just the occasional change in volume, but not pitch or rpm.

    As a huge fan and buyer of your products for over 15 years, I have to say that these engine sounds are truly dreadful, and I cannot enjoy nor use this model with these sounds.

    I really hope you can release an update - even the default AFS2 Baron 58 manages rpm sounds, and has far more realistic sound that this odd offering.

    Many thanks,

  • Seems as if there are only two sounds for the engine, both with a fixed pitch: a full throttle/high rpm one and a low throttle/low rpm one. Those two sounds are mixed depending on the position of the levers. It does sound odd indeed, specially when you can clearly hear one of the sounds fading in and the other one fading out.