Traffic Global for MSFS 2020?

  • Will Traffic Global be developed for MSFS 2020? Love Traffic Global for X-Plane 11!

  • The models seem to import into FS2020 fairly easily, and don't look or behave at all badly (Some even fly ok).
    The current ai could certainly do with a decent replacement and I would imagine that JF are in a good position to be the first to do so but, unlike XP11, this sim's SDK and the ai engine are still a bit unpolished so it may take them a while....

    Just for fun (just wanted to see what they might look like in the new sim):

    TG B752 ASL.jpg TG AN225 KLAX.jpg TG B752 Air China Cargo landing config.jpg TG B744BCF Atlas.jpg TG C208 USA reg.jpg TG CRJ Iberia.jpg TG B717 Turkmenistan.jpgTG J41.jpg TG DASH8-400.jpg

  • Included in the recent update to FS2020 are the old familiar default liveries (Pacifica/Orbit/World Airways etc).
    Makes me wonder if MS/Asobo are preparing to improve the ai in the near future.🤓

  • They do not have the copywrite to use real liveries and if you owned the brand and copywrite to a livery and it was MS a company worth billions the temptation would be to much.

  • @Ray-Fry said in Traffic Global for MSFS 2020?:

    They do not have the copywrite to use real liveries

    Well yes, of course Micro$oft would want to avoid any copyright issues!

    I was merely pondering whether they might introduce traffic with their fictitious default liveries as they had in FSX, FS2004 etc.

    Though perhaps someone had best let Asobo know 😱
    M$FS2020 default A330 'thingy' (with 'orrible pointy nose)

    ...(though I dare say the airline could do with a few bob after this last year..... 😁 )