Traffic Global P3Dv5 hf1 - My work for fun

  • Hello,
    I am a happy owner of Traffic Global and now passionate about this beautiful program. So, I worked for pure fun in deepening my knowledge of Traffic Global. Below are screenshots of some results achieved. Sorry for my poor English language (translation with App).
    P.S. the aircraft represented have been introduced for testing and for fun, at airports chosen for testing and do not correspond to real flight plans and they are work in progress.


  • @canaroforce68
    Excellent work, Stefano!
    The ability to import models and liveries is one aspect of TG that does not seem to have been explored much and would certainl;y enhance TG and help fill in some of the aircraft models and liveries not included.
    Impressive repaints and on a variety of models!
    You have obviously suceeded in importing them too which I've never been able to manage with the program.
    Well done, and thanks very much for sharing!

  • Thank you very much, Capt Quirk. Yes, I know that the function to import aircraft is not yet active, in the interface of the program. I hope developers will make it work soon. However, it is possible to import new planes and airlines by working on the various Excel files, and then import and compile air traffic with Traffic Global, obviously always acting with great caution when working on Excel. I think the structure of this program is superb and allows you to run almost anything, after learning it well. Huge potential. The critical comments on this programme, which I have read in other debates, are absolutely undeserved.
    Below is another example of how it is possible to import an airline, assigning it an aircraft and a livery.
    Flight plans for this airline already exist, but I added one with airport and custom time for testing.