Traffic global fsx

  • Where do I find the setting to turn the slider up or down for the amount of traffic

  • @roger44
    Hi Roger,
    I'm guessing you're new to FSX and mean when FSX is running?
    You can adjust traffic levels within the sim from the top drop down menu (accessed by pressing the Alt key)
    Options > Settings > Display > Traffic tab
    You can adjust Airliner & GA traffic densities independently.
    It is also possible to vary the amount of traffic when compiling TG using the slider at the bottom left of the TG program inteface labelled 'Error Correction'.
    If moved to the right, more ai flights will be injected into the sim. (not what you want I know, but just for info)

  • @Capt-Quirk Thank you

  • @roger44
    No problem, Roger!
    If you run into any problems, there's always someone willing to help around here 🙂

  • One other thing .I notice that when I load the same gate at the same airport the aircraft next to me is always the same night or day or month.Is this normal?

  • @roger44
    If it's an ai plane, it'd be very unusual for it to be in the same spot all the time. The ai generally shuffle around every time you load the scenery.
    Some airport sceneries (both commercial and freeware) have static aircraft included, so if you're referring to just one particular airport, that might be the reason.
    One easy way to tell the difference between ai traffic and static planes is that ai will cast distinct, fairly dark shadows on the ground (if you have 'aircraft casts shadows on the ground on) and the static planes' shadows will be distictly different.
    Or, you can reduce ai traffic to zero with the in-game sliders and, if the plane is still there, then it's most likely to be a static one that comes with the scenery.
    Orbx & UK2000 airport sceneries, for instance, provide a control panel where you can turn static aircraft on and off.

  • Ok thank you .When I load the sim global traffic automatically goes in with every flight correct?I do see a lot of traffic and full gates which I never saw before.Which is great

  • @roger44
    Correct. Each time you start/load a flight, TG provides the ai traffic instead of the sim's default ai.
    [As you're using FSX though, you will see some familiar default GA ai planes because JF have included a few in TG].
    Since you are new to this, just a word of warning. If you update TG, be sure to run the newly downloaded .exe for that newer version to UNinstall TG first before running it again to install the update. Some have had all kinds of problems by doing it any other way.

  • Got it thanks. Remove then riinstall for update.

  • How often do I have to update?

  • @roger44
    Only when a new version of TG is released. JF will let you know when an update is available on your account.

  • Thank you .I am really enjoying traffic global.