Hawk T1/A sound issue

  • The sound of the engine is very annoying, because it loops forever on the same 8 seconds, with a very clear rythm that repeats forever.

    I understand that sampling a real engine can lead to this kind of problem, but it is the only plane with this issue, no free plane or payware in any sim has similar problem, so I guess solutions exist...

    Someone else complained about it on steam forum and steam evaluation, but no reaction so far.

    Could you please solve the problem or at least acknowledge it and plan a fix for a next update?


  • JF Staff

    Are you hearing this at a particular throttle position? I've just listened to the engine at full throttle and although of course it is a loop as all engine sounds are loops, I didn't notice any overt rhythm to the engine sound.

  • @Rich Full throttle, yes.

    It sounds very obvious and even pretty annoying to me.

    The exact moment when you hear the rhythm is for example in this video between 6:11 and 6:14.


    It does: ti tidi ti ti ti ti ti ti.... about 4 beats a seconds except second one which is faster. Then after 9 beats nothing during a couple of seconds and it starts again, forever.

    Maybe it is obvious for some people and not at all for others. Also, maybe once you have heard it you can't unhear it anymore.

    But I am not the only one annoyed, there is someone on steam comments pretty angry about it as well, he claims it is a deal breaker (I am not). If you could do something it would be nice.