Release Date

  • KK, I might as well start this off in this new forum. 🙂

    Any news on when this is being release? It was supposed to be 2018 as far as I am aware. What's taking so long?

  • That’s what I want to know aswell it’s been sat in Development for nearly a year now

  • JF Staff

    Chaps, sorry for the delay in replying to this one.

    It's progressing really well currently. Our current target is to release in March or latest April.

    You've heard that before I know and our apologies for the delays with this. It's down to many reasons that I won't go into here but it's never been forgotten it's just meant progress has been slow to say the least. We hope we've dealt with the issues and now we're back on track (NPI). It's also looking very nice, very nice indeed.

    If you're interested it will be featured on Monday evening (7pm) on our latest Twitch broadcast. Channel can be found here:

    Prior to that I'll publish a couple of the latest screenshots too for you.

    Again, sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

  • JF Staff

    A few recent screenshots of the Route too...
    RailWorks 2019-02-14 19-00-17-65.jpg

    RailWorks 2019-02-14 19-04-40-48.jpg

    RailWorks 2019-02-14 18-56-39-57.jpg