Looking for pilots...

  • Hi all. I hope everyone is well.

    This topic is in relation to a multiplayer group on FSX Steam Edition. I hope this topic is allowed!

    Basically I’m looking for individuals who are interested in joining a multiplayer group. The group is in small numbers at the minute and we are looking to grow.

    The group contains individuals who are mature and enthusiastic, with every session having a military theme which is realistic but also relaxed.

    Our main aircraft of choice is anything that the RAF used from the 1940’s up until the modern day. We fly all types from jets to bombers, and transport aircraft to helicopters.

    We are looking for like-minded individuals who have a passion for flying, and who are looking to fly with other adults as an enjoyable group without the worry of an open server full of kids flying F-18’s across the active runway.

    If you’d like more information please just reply to this topic and I will reply as soon as I can.

    For those looking to ‘jump in’ the group is **** MILITARY FLYING ****

    Many thanks.


  • Anyone interested?