Magnetic North Movement is Increasing in Speed

  • This explains why my declination settings seem to be a bit off, now that I've dug out a couple of my more accurate compasses. Declination in my location USED to be (about three years ago) about 9 degrees east of compass north. It appears to be traveling west much faster than usual. After a recently purchased a new wrist compass and was cross-checking it with my most accurate compass (Brunton Geo-Transit), I noticed declination now appears at only 7 degrees east of compass north. I will never abandon my map & compass skills (so strongly instilled in me from my scouting and military days), but it is a very good thing our constellation of GPS satellites remain aloft. Hence, I suppose, one of the reasons for the creation of the U.S. Space Force, to help monitor and safeguard such things against the Sky-Pirate opportunists of this day and age.

  • It is need to calculation between starting point and destination place. But magnetic pole is not static due to its magnetic and compasses are not work virtually

  • JF Staff


    Grid to Mag - add
    Mag to Grid - get rid

  • The world is changing very much now. This concerns the climate in the first place. I heard that the planet has moved a little off its axis, so we see wild climate changes, the beginning of tectonic plate displacements in Africa, severe storms, etc. My older sister is quite a religious person and is looking for signs of angels because of this - I don't know whether to take this seriously or not. I myself believe that stability will be enough for my age for sure (this is another 30 years if I'm lucky). So I don’t worry about such things. People are born, airplanes fly .. everything is as usual, isn't it?