Most Bang for Buck

  • I asked this in an e-mail as well, but I will replicate this question here. If I am looking for the most bang for my buck, given I have a nice tax refund coming, what would be the best items for me to focus on when I get the itch to do some shopping? What locos are the most used, and which routes are the most value in terms of being able to play all (or at least most) of the stuff on them with no, or minimal DLC? I have noticed that the DLC packs are not like the Armstrong Powerhouse ones which all have three scenarios often requiring some 30-40 DLC items, so I'm thinking of investing in some of these for my future Youtube channel after I have some experience with some early DTG locos and routes. I tend to go for less expensive items, as well, and move up from there. Bristol-Exeter and the China high speed route are already potential acquisitions in June, but what else should I look at in your opinion?