New Route Idea: Newcastle to Carlisle/Du, or Beyond to Whitehaven

  • We have Settle to Carlisle. We have Western Lines of Scotland (Carlisle-Stranraer is the longest route in there). We have WCML North (Carlisle-Glasgow). We carry on to Edinburgh from Glasgow. And so far, we haven't left Steam. One Just Trains route takes us from Edinburgh down to Newcastle, ending at Metrocentre. So why don't we finish the circle with one more fantastic payware route? I have a thought of a huge combined route map with the traffic hub at Carlisle, and having the path west of Carlisle available at least part of the way (further could be another route, I suggested Whitehaven from a value perspective but it could end at Dalston, Wigton, Aspatria, Maryport, Flimby, Workington, Harrington, or Parton, or even pass Whitehaven to the Sellafield yard and beyond). This would allow for some epic freight and passenger runs to be developed, as well, for the few interested in long scenarios (even though 90 minutes is the suggested maximum per a 2015 video). But more importantly, you can go on an endless casual free roam around a circle starting at Carlisle and going through to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newmarket, and back to Carlisle, or even start from Settle into the circle if so inclined, or from Whitehaven and a reverse circle...and so on. That seems like something too good to pass up.

    Even better, bundle both this new route and Edinburgh-Newcastle with the Class 20 (which is already used a couple times in the first route) and use it on the newest route. For more value, create a third route from the end point of the second, I know from Google that it extends to Askam with a branch through Roose and Burrow-in-Furness and another to Ulverston before crossing some water and eventually reaching Lancaster, but this may be too ambitious at this point.

    Anyway, if this route already exists somewhere, I'm curious to know so I can potentially go about this combination project during some summer free time. I would also suggest having all necessary assets for this on Steam in order to share this combined route in the workshop (scenario modification may be necessary, mind), but this is something that is more imaginative for me to have these beefy scenarios available in the workshop and I know may not be realistic or desired. They'd be good for long casual streams if anything, and I know I plan to join that group, so this is something I could potentially show off.

    EDIT: Topic got screwed up, not sure why the "Du" stayed there. Think I started to say Dulston but didn't finish typing it.