More about Traffic Global for X-Plane

  • I agree that Traffic Global is an improvement over World Traffic, however I am finding a lot of issues that tend to spoil the fun, Several airports in the UK seem not to work, Gatwick EGKK with Aerosoft and Pilot Plus versions, both show around 4 or 5 aircraft only. Heathrow works pretty well but there are issues. proximity problems, when an aircraft is pushing back when a taxiing aircraft is approaching they both stop and remain that way, this creates an ever increasing line of aircraft. which can eventually bring the traffic to a standstill. EGCC Manchester has the same problems and also does not make use of the second runway. These are the most important airports in the UK, so I would like to see this sort of problem fixed.I also have an occasional aircraft parked at a gate with undercarriage up and at a take off angle Boeing 747 BA. When or if I get the hang of WED I will try to sort this sort of problem myself but am not there yet.