Traffic Global X Plane 11

  • Purchased straight away on release, as I was totally fed up with WT3. Thankfully, Traffic Global is a far superior product ! Traffic is there on bootup,rather than having to wait for around 8 minutes for WT3 to compile flight plans and position aircraft every time X Plane was loaded ! Also, although aircraft models are superior to WT3, the FPS hit is barely noticeable. Yes, it's early days and there are issues like aircraft not leaving their gates at the scheduled flight departure time, or at all + aircraft stopping and causing log jams on taxiways. Landings are smooth but take offs need to be smoothed out. Sounds are good. Also surprised that although just a few days since being released, it's disappointing for example that all the easyJet aircraft are in the old livery. I'm sure these issues will be sorted in time but for now it's looking like a utility that shows great promise, well done JF !

  • JF Staff

    @Bartdude Thanks for your feedback. We are looking to improving the separation etc.

    When did the EJ livery change? We made the models from when the project started in 2018. That said, you'll find Thomas Cook in there as well. It's difficult to keep up to date with that kind of thing.

  • @Derek The "new" easyJet livery has been in use since 2015. You have the old EJ liveries in both the A319 and A320 aircraft folders and there's even a config file for the new livery in the A319 easyJet subfolder but no .dds files to compliment it, so I can't switch things around to display the newer livery. I'm fairly new to X Plane as until 11 was released, I wasn't impressed. I was running TG on FSX previously and as both the old and new easyJet livery graphics were present, it was a simple task to rename them so that the new livery was displayed but for some reason as I mentioned the .dds files are missing in the X Plane version. Ironically, in your original video trailer, there are easyJet aircraft displaying the newer livery but somehow, they were left out of the released product.