Create your own airshow!

  • HI all
    I've often wondered if it would be possible to create our own 'Flying Legends' airshow?
    I know airshow pilot has been out for a while but I'm talking about creating a full programme of Warbirds with a mass 'Balbo' formation at the end.
    I think it would probably be a completely new programme to generate the graphics and those all important engine sounds to get the feel right.
    Imagine going on an online server and flying in formation with Spitfires, Mustangs and all manner of piston engine aircraft...awesome!!
    It is possible to do something similar with other combat sims like Battle of Stalingrad and IL2 etc. but I'm talking a dedicated airshow simulator with all our favourite airfields like Duxford, Shuttleworth, and Reno! Ooh, air racing. Oh the variations and possibilities could be amazing.
    Here's hoping

  • @planesy MAIW produced a couple in FSX for their 1st and 6th anniversaries which were truly amazing to watch, especially the final massed flybys!
    Although not an actual 'program' as such, it was a whole lot of fun to play around substituting various other ai planes.
    Given what remarkably talented folk produced over the years for the 'old' sim, there may even be something similar in FSXX (FS2020) one day.
    Even though it's early days yet since the launch, fairly promising progress is already quietly being made to the rather mundane default ai.

  • @Capt-Quirk
    Thanks for your response
    Yes I remember the just flight aircraft with the old Microsoft 2000 flight sim but the way the graphics have changed and all programming almost unrecognisable from 20 years ago their must be a market for this.
    If I may indulge a bit more it could really be a who’s who of aircraft collections!
    My thinking is you are given the basic package with say half a dozen popular air show airfields and a ‘Starter pack of a Tiger Moth and AT-6 Harvard to get used to the tail dragger configuration then purchase..yes purchase additional aircraft as your competence progresses just like learning to fly the real thing.
    You could then create a dedicated server for fellow members/pilots to meet up on and organise their own air shows.
    A record facility would be a must so you can play back your flying from inside and outside the cockpit as well as using ‘control tower’ view like you used to be able to do.
    How many times have thousands of like minded individuals been to Airshows and dreamed of flying these gorgeous aircraft.
    Well if this idea was used they could get darn close!
    Good to chat.