Western mainline OHLE

  • Morning all,
    Was just wondering if there are any plans or there is any place I can go to get an extension of the overhead catenary lines that go further than just Hayes and Harlington as at the moment it just stops there, would love for it to keep going all the way to Cardiff as I know nearly all the route now has had them installed.

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  • Indeed, along with re-modelling at Bristol Parkway e.g stoke gifford depot

  • While waiting for an update, you can always create a mod to run your own scenarios on, but note that scenarios utilizing your mod would probably not work on the updated versions when and if that ever arrives as it's a different route, technically. I know that some DTG routes have had scenery reworks from users and are on the Steam workshop available for download, often as separate routes. One even gives instructions on optionally moving the assets to the main route folder to apply it to the original route, though this could be inadvertently removed if an update is ever generated (like the annual updates) and thus it would need to be done annually or the applicable folders backed up to restore right away.