Veteran Aircraft

  • As a long time JF user, I REALLY love Douglas Aircraft, I have a DC3,6 and all the 8s.
    My favourites are the 3 and 6 and in FSX were my "go to" aircraft, if possible.
    now I am a FS20 pilot....
    Are you in the process of properly converting the worlds best airliner to FS20?

    I have seen some conversions, and they got deleted faster than they were downloaded!!!

    If you ARE doing a series of veterans, GREAT keep us all informed, please.

    Ohhhh remember, we are not all young people who are going to rescue us on a flight into Kai Tak when ALL the pilots die of food poisoning and a 13 yr old sez, I can fly this thing.....

    Regards etc....

    Bob Packard
    New Zealand (Paradise)

    Merry Christmas.