Gift Card

  • Hi, I've been trying to apply the gift card I received but when I go to the checkout there is no gift card option available at all, not even at payment. Are gift cards still in use? Thanks

  • JF Staff

    @LWLowe Yes they're in use. You put your code in during final checkout not whilst in the basket. It does say that underneath the 'Have a Discount Code' text and box. Let us know if you're still stuck.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I apologise in advance if I'm foolishly missing something but I just don't see anywhere to put the code in final checkout. I go through all the steps and then it prompts me to pay but no code option that I can see. What am I missing?



  • JF Staff


    It looks like you've gone too far and selected Credit / Debit Card instead of Gift Card at the page prior to the screenshot. I don’t think you can get as far you're showing without creating the account. If you're not aware you now has an account from the failed order attempts so go to then to set up the password so you can log into the account.

    Log into your account first and then go to the point where you select payment details and you should see the gift card option.

    Try that.

  • Strangely enough I now see the Gift Card option at payment now that I've reset password, but I honestly didn't have that option before.

    This is what I was confronted with initially, just payment selection but no gift card option. Was it from the account not activating properly or something like that?


    Anyway, it shows up now. Thanks for your help 👍