GroundTraffic Global

  • The default ground traffic in X-Plane is very, very lackluster (just like the default AI traffic, but Traffic Global fixed that!). How about an add-on that solves the ground traffic problem? Imagine the new world: you are sitting there, doing your preflight checks; you glance out the window and you see airport traffic go by, the plane on the gate next to you being serviced, or another C172 on the ramp being fueled...then you get back to your pre-flight just makes you feel like you are really preparing for departure, it gives you a whole other level of awareness. It gets you in "the zone"! Key features would be:

    • an integrated pushback service;
    • vehicles servicing other Traffic Global aircraft;
    • random airport traffic driving around the airport; and
    • synching across networked computers, just like Traffic Global, which works flawlessly (within constraints, of course). The default LR ground traffic does not synch across the network, which kills the immersion in a multi-computer setup.
      I would love to see a product of the caliber of Traffic Global solve the ground traffic component of virtual flight!